Condiciones generales de venta

Condiciones generales de venta

In addition to the terms and specified conditions included in the order confirmation, the following general conditions of sale will regularize the supply of goods and services:

The order proposal is considered accepted only if it is followed by a written confirmation from the seller. 

a) the price of the sale is the one indicated on the order confirmation of the seller.
b) the payments have to be made, within the terms indicated on the order confirmation, at the seller's domicile.
c) on eventual delays in the payments will be applied the interests at the bank rate, increased of the 4%.
d) outstanding claims do not allow postponement or suspending of the payments.
e) non-fulfilment of the payment conditions from the buyer, give to the seller the right either of suspending the outstanding supplies or asking for their advanced payment. 

a) on the order confirmation the terms are indicative. As a consequence, the possible delays in delivering the goods do not allow the buyer to ask for any compensation, neither for penalties nor for damages.
b) except specified contrary acceptation from the seller, the paper is sold ex-works and, in any case, it travels at buyer's own risk and peril. For this reason, the delivery is considered made as soon as the paper is out of the mill. 

The seller has the right to the reserved property on the goods until their payment has been made. 

On the ordered quantity it is accepted a tolerance of 10%, in more or in less. 

The orders are considered solved except from circumstances of major forces, such as strikes, lock-outs, war events, fire, floods, earthquakes, lack of electricity due to any dependent cause, railway or road blocks and any other circumstance beyond seller's control. 

Shortage of paper or irregularities on it which can be justified or not by checking the documents and samples in our hands; They have to be complained in written within 8 days from the reception of the goods. Any other irregularity not immediately visible has to be complained in written as soon as they are found out, but in any case not later than:
a) for paper in sheets: 8 weeks from the reception of the goods;
b) for paper in reels: 3 months from the reception of the goods.
It has to be paid the real weight either for paper in sheets or in reels.
Real weight means net weight of the paper plus the weight of the wrapping (paper - polyethylene, …) plus the cores, the corks, the strings, and the strapping tapes. 

In case of complains regarding the supplies and the payments, the Jurisdictional Court is the Court of Treviso, no matter which conditions of sales have been agreed. For other conditions not above mentioned, make reference to the commercial rules and usages of the District of Treviso.