Who is Cartonal

Cartonal Italia has been active internationally for over 30 years.

Operating in the field of flexible packaging and specialities for industrial, food and printing applications. Impeccable service and flexibility plus long-term experience in flexible packaging industry allow Cartonal to offer suitable solutions to all forms of packing.


Global packing solutions.

Cartonal Italia is a Company with a strong focus on packing solutions, operating internationally. With a wealth of experience, we analyse each case individually and provide creative solutions to our customers. 

Sourcing the most suitable materials and ensuring first class machine performance, customers get the best value out of their purchase.


A first class service.

We deliver a wide variety of products globally, bringing order in volatile markets and mitigating risk. Our skilled sales team offers accurate market information, risk management, order tracking, invoicing and documentation which contribute to our first class service.


A long-term experience in the global market.

Our long-term experience in the field enables us to develop customized products  by tuning the properties of our papers to suit customers’ needs in terms of converting and performances.

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Flexible, customisable and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Our products can be printed, extruded and laminated to produce food packaging for bakeries, fast food, pet food, dry food and frozen food.


Sustainable packaging development

We promote innovative products with mills, converting plants to help customers succeed in the new eco-friendly products niche. We explore new projects and materials to get in step with the times and new demands.


Respect for the environment

Production sites adhere to a range of internationally recognized, third-party audited standards that support our sustainability progress. Technical specifications, MSDS and food contact certificates are available.
The FSC® certification allows us to trace products of wood origin.


AEO certification

AEO is a reliability certificate conferred by the Customs Office to the   economic operators residing in the European Union.
AEO status certifies a high level of control on all the operations and on the goods flow through an effective handling of the commercial entries.
Our customers abroad are allowed faster delivery terms and a reduction in the controls during customs clearing in their Country.