Ever since it was produced paper is a very important partner in our life.


A natural product, versatile and suitable to a countless number of end uses.

We have focused ourselves in the flexible packaging whereby paper is used for food, pharma and tobacco packaging, either as it is or in more complex products. Our products can be printed, extruded and laminated to produce food packaging for bakeries, fast food, pet food, dry food and frozen food


Machine Glazed, One side coated, Calandered and Greaseproof papers


Machine glazed.
Pure pulp or partially recycled machine glazed paper from 18 to 120 gsm, used for flexographic printing and  18 to 120 gsm, used for flexographic printing and suitable for converting processes such as extrusion, lamination with PE or alufoil and for the production of food bags. This grade is available both bleached (white) or unbleached (brown), Wet Strength and High Wet Strength for special applications.


One side coated paper.
Available as from 40 to 100 gsm, suitable for rotogravure and flexoprinting. Perfect for extrusion, PE and alufoil lamination, labels and yogurt banderole. Excellent printability and good resistance properties. Also available with Twist memory for candy wrapping.


Calendered papers.
From 35 to 60 gsm. High opacity. Used for quality products such as chocolate or pharmaceutical. Suitable for PE extrusion and alufoil lamination. Also available semi-transparent (glassine paper) or in dark & light brown shades for panettone / cake moulds.


Greaseproof Wet Strength papers.
Available from 30 to 70 gsm. This grade is used for food packaging and other industrial materials containing grease / fat and / or water. It provides a barrier layer which protects the wrapped goods from outside moisture and inside grease. Mainly used for direct wrapping of bakery products, cheese and fast food, it can be laminated to wrap butter and margarine.

Some applications.

Our products can be printed, extruded and laminated to produce many forms of packaging, across all product ranges, but particularly food.